Comedians Making House Calls

With everything being delivered to you door during this unprecedented time, we’re offering comic RELIEF with a Virtual LIVE comedy set in-home!

Think of it as a comedian coming to your house and you being as comfortable and safe as possible. Seeing the family and friends is good but also having a laugh will help during this tough time.  Stay safe, stay healthy, and get ready to laugh.

No matter your audience size, demographic, ages or dress-code (pajamas accepted), we can provide a live 40 minute comedy show with up to three comedians for your ‘home’ visit! Think of it as a trip to a comedy club without leaving the house. Each “call” can be custom crafted to include, material subjects, topics, roasting, interviews, gags, skits, birthday wishes, and even a a simple funny friendly conversation! We can come to you on a range of video platforms such as Zoom, Facetime, etc. which allow for interaction, which makes all the difference. Not tech-savvy, we’ll help you with setup as well.

Little ones or teens in earshot? No problem! Arrange a family-friendly “clean” set.  And heck this is a feel good too – during this time of quarantine a lot of live performance venues have suffered. People need entertainment. We appreciate your support of the arts! And with me being a comedian please keep two things in mind. 1) I have very little use in a post-apocalyptic world and 2) I can curb, slow and even prevent the downfall of civilization. You’re welcome!!

Time and rate range:  15-40 minutes for $50-$250
(tbd, length of time desire and custom crafting)

To book, please email with the subject CMHC
We accept Venmo and PayPal

During this time of uncertainly, pandemic and “social distancing”, spending time in quarantine and away from other people is very difficult. I’ve been doing standup through recessions, downturn’s, Internet booms, and video proliferation. People need distraction. People need to laugh! Heck so do I.  Making people laugh is food for my soul.