Mark has been a comedy favorite with audiences for over 30 years.  From comedy clubs to Comedy Central, cable programs to hosting live events, he has entertained tens of thousands of people across the US and Canada. His material is funny, insightful and personable. He is able to craft his sets to include all ages.

Mark has performed in many comedy festivals including Boston, Seattle, and New Orleans. He is the proud founder and host of the Salem Comedy & Spirits Festival, an annual event that brings a variety of talented comedians from across the US to historic Salem, MA.

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One Night

Several friends attended to watch and cheer Mark on as he performed his first stand up set at a small comedy club near Boston. One of the attendees was his father, Mark Sr.

After a few moments the first laugh came from the audience. Mark had found his place on stage. The feeling of joy he got when his words mixed with the crowd has never left him. He continues to remember that first night in every performance.

"You had them in the palm of their hand. You read the crowd masterfully and knew just exactly what to do!"
—Jeanne (Milton CAT)
“Mark Scalia was TERRIFIC—he was the EXACT character and personality we were looking to have.”
—Zipporah K. (George Washington University)


Suck it Up –  Rob Scully (Juston McKinney)

Cubicle Slaves – Ray Johnson (Crazed Weasel Entertainment)

Dead Behind the Eyes – Detective Peter Holden (Rhode Island Film Festival)

HeartlessHenry Wilde (Boston University)

A House DividedRay Turcotte (JoDom Pictures)

Head or TailsPaul Crowley (Finger Frame Pictures)

The Last LaughMike Cali (MS Enterprises)

John Clarke DocumentaryObadiah Holmes (Two Sisters’ Productions)

Cooking to LiveThomas (Harvard University)

Prophets of Science FictionLeo Szilard (Veriscope Pictures, Inc.)

American RhapsodyCharles Edwards O’Conner (Syzygy Media Works)

Ribert & Robert’s WonderWorld – Professor E. X. Pound (Deos, Inc.)

Salem Comedy & Spirits Festival (2016-2020) producer Various Locations (Salem, MA)

New Orleans Comedy Festival (1999–2002) Various Locations (LA)

Boston International Comedy Festival (2000–2010) Various Locations (MA)

Seattle International Comedy Competition (1998 & 2004) Various Locations (WA)

Nick’s Comedy Stop Various Locations (MA)

Absolute Comedy Various Locations (Ontario)

More extensive list upon request

A Christmas Carol –  Ebenezer Scrooge (Salem Trolley / Griffen Theater)

The Men’s Room –  Jansen (Boston Theatre Marathon)

MeltingAndy (Firehouse Theater)

Don’t Dress For DinnerRobert (Weston Friendly Society)

Murder Me AlwaysThe Director / Detective Joe Mamet (Theatre Company of Saugus)

MythMasters TooMark (Young Audiences of Massachusetts)

Actor’s Studio (Newburyport, MA)
John Robert Powers (Boston, MA)
The Actors’s Gym (Boston, MA)

Accents: (partial), British RP, Irish, German, Russian

Dialects: (American partial) Boston, New York, Gulf Coast, Southern, Texas

Directing: The Studios Are Coming, The Last Laugh, Murder Me Always

Skills: Stage Combat & Weapons Training, Swing Dance, Teleprompter (ear & video), Physical Stunts & Pratfalls, Stand-up Paddle-board, Bicycling, Horseback riding

Instructing & Teaching: CDIA at Boston University: Directing, John Robert Powers, Private Session: Acting, Scene Study, Improvisation, Stand-up Comedy